5 Lacrosse Shooting Tips to Improve Accuracy

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Shooting the lacrosse ball can be one of the more difficult things you can do in sports. It takes tons of practice, time and effort to improve your shot. Many lacrosse players and coaches think that practicing on the power of your shot is the way to improve. This is not the case; focusing on your accuracy above anything will make you an overall better shooter, no matter where you are on the field. Below are some of our favorite tips to help you become a more accurate shooter.

Ways To Improve Shooting Accuracy

Footwork is Key

Your footwork for your lacrosse shot is just as important as your upper body and core. Shooting in lacrosse is a full body process and it all starts with your footwork. You need to make sure that you get your weight on your front foot before anything else can happen. This should then accelerate the hips and upper body forward to the goal. Lacrosse players should make sure that they are never flat-footed or shooting of their back foot or it will result in very poor results.

The Hips Move the Arms

As previously state, the hips and core are a very vital part in the process of shooting a lacrosse ball. The arms are obviously a big part as well, but you need to accelerate your hips and core so that you can generate power in your arms and shot. If you try to shoot the ball without moving your hips and use all arms you will lose a lot of accuracy and power.

Try Different Hand Placements

Every lacrosse player is different and although there is an ideal way to hold the lacrosse shaft when you are shooting, you don’t have to grab it as such. You should experiment as you are training which type of hand placement works best for you. If you find that you have a more accurate shot with your hands a little farther apart than usual then use that grip when taking your shot. All players need to find their grips and practice taking shots with it all the time so it becomes second nature and ingrained in your muscle memory every time you shoot.

Practice All Types of Shots

While the overhand shot with an open lane to the net is the stereotypical and ideal lacrosse shot, it is rare you are going to be able to pull off that shot during the fast pace of today’s game. To be successful in lacrosse today you need to be able to shoot from all different angles, using multiple different techniques. Some of the different techniques you should learn and practice all the time are overhand, sidearm and underhand techniques. Obviously as you progress your skills you can get more creative with your shots such as behind the back shots. That’s the beauty about the lacrosse shot is that it lets you use your creativity and skill to score a goal against your opponent.

Stick Has Eyes Shooting Drill

This goes along with the last tip that you need to be ready for all situations around the net while remaining accurate. The stick has eyes drills, featuring our very own Lyle Thompson, is designed to keep you prepared for these game situations. There could be a player screening the net or a goalie trying to cut your angle to the net, and this drill helps you beat both of those. The purpose of putting the net in front is that you personally can only see about an inch of the corners, but your stick when extended from your body can see more. Contact us at Thompson Brothers Lacrosse to learn more tips and drills to improve your lacrosse game.

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