Improve Your Inside Finishing

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There are many dynamics to an offense in lacrosse including offensive plays, schemes, natural talents, speed, stick skills, etc. But, the most important ability of them all is the ability to finish around the net and score a goal. No matter the situation or how pretty of a move you make you need to be able to finish to put an another point up on the scoreboard. It can be a difficult thing to do, especially at the higher levels when the goalie and defenses ability increases. Below are some tips and techniques to help improve your inside finishing.

How to Finish in Lacrosse

Protect Your Stick

First and foremost, the most important component to finishing around the cage in lacrosse is stick protection. Plain and simple if you stick is on the ground or the ball gets slashed loose by a defender you’re not going to be able to even attempt to finish off the play. Make sure that your grip on your stick is tight and you are keeping it parallel to your body, and as tight as possible to your body. If you see an opening where you can pass or shoot you need to act quickly with two hands on the stick. Don’t forget to keep your stick by your helmet when you are awaiting the pass near the crease to hopefully draw a penalty if you don’t catch and finish after a check.

Deceive the Goalie

Obviously, the more time that you have around the cage the easier it should be to finish your shot. One of the best ways to take advantage of this time is to deceive the goalie. This means use other parts of your body or the head of the stick to fake out the goalie to create deception. Using your head, shoulders or head to fake out the goalie will open up space in the net, assuming the goalie goes for the fake, for to finish easier. For it to work efficiently make sure you only use one fake and shoot towards the opposite way that you fake, since the goalie should have moved towards your fake. You do not always have to fake to sides, you can also fake a shot high to get the goalie up on his toes and finish low and vice versa.

Practice Proper Technique

Your technique and consistency of that technique is one of the most important things playing the game of the lacrosse. It is even more vital when it comes to finishing around the cage. More specifically you want to make sure you have proper footwork and overall body position so that you are more efficient. In close shots, your footwork is not always stepping towards the goal as a step in any side direction can increase the ease of the shot. You should though keep your hips and upper body towards the goal at all times when attempting to finish. The more you practice this technique, footwork and body position the more it will become natural to you as a goal scorer.

Finishing Drill for Lacrosse

This drill, performed by our own Miles Thompson of Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, is one of the best drills you can do to improve your finishing. What this drill does is that it protects what the defender wants the most, which is your stick and elbows. For this drill, put your back up against something so that you can prevent your elbows or stick coming back too far and becoming exposed. This focuses on your wrists which is all you need to finish around the net because you don’t need a hard shot, just need placement. Visit our YouTube page or contact us to keep up to date with the Thompson Brothers and their nonstop lacrosse tips and news.

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