Best Drills to Improve Shooting Power in Lacrosse

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A good lacrosse shot requires both power and accuracy. While accuracy is an important aspect of your shot, probably more important than power, without power you can’t always put it past the goalie. Also, with a powerful shot you can sometimes overpower a goalie. If you can improve both accuracy and power, you will have a well-rounded shot. Below are some drills that will help with your footwork during your shot, which in turn improves the power of your shot.


How to Improve Your Lacrosse Shooting Power

Shadow Shooting

This drill mimics your regular shooting mechanics, but the catch is that it is done without a ball. Shadow shooting focuses on your footwork, which is where most of your shooting power comes from. The drill focuses on footwork and motion development without velocity or placement impeding his or her attention. To start this drill, you will need to put a goal on the sideline facing the middle of the field dissected by the restraining line. Players will then stand on the restraining line and prepare themselves for a right handed shot by putting both feet in the line with their right shoulder towards to goal.


The players will then begin their shooting motion for the shot by dropping their right foot behind their left foot, planting the right foot behind the line. As a result, this closes the front shoulder, turning the shooters back to the shot. The foot plants, the player pulls the ball in an overhead shooting motion, while stepping into the shot with their left foot. Doing this crow step style drill, it will improve an athlete’s proper footwork and increase the power behind his or her lacrosse shot.


Seated Shooting

The seated shooting drill is just like it sounds, it takes your feet out of the question and requires you to sit down. In this drill, the focus is to engage the torso in the shooting motion and increase the power of your body and arms during your shot. The goal of this drill is to try and get as much velocity as possible on his or her shot while only using the rotation of his or her torso as the source of power. While footwork is the most important part of improving shooting power, you still need your torso and upper body to be strong as well for a well-rounded and powerful shot.


Over Goal Shooting

Over goal shooting is also somewhat self-explanatory in the fact that to start the drill, you place one goal, which you stand behind, 10 yards behind another goal. You will try to shoot over the first goal at the second goal. This will help improve your arm extension because you are trying to get over the first goal. This drill will also force the shooter to pull their bottom hand through the shooting motion. Both of these focuses will greatly improve your overall shooting power.


Bubz Drill

The Bubz drill, as seen in the above video, is a TBL tip of the day performed by TBL athlete Jerome Thompson. In this drill, we focus on the footwork during the shot. The Bubz drill makes you take the two necessary steps towards the net. All you need to do is toss the ball in the air, and while it is in the air take the two steps and get your feet set, catch the ball and let it fly towards the net. The key to this drill is repetition, so that you become used to taking those two steps needed to set your feet and generate the power behind your shot. To learn more tips of the day from the Thompson Brothers, visit our Instagram page!

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