How to Stuff a One-on-One Shot

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Lacrosse goalies have one of the hardest positions to play in all of sports. With little padding, lacrosse balls are flying at you from close range with only your body or stick to save it. This job becomes even harder when there is a one-on-one situation meaning all there is nothing between you and an attackman with a ball, close to the net. It is a common part of the game, no matter how good your defense is, to face a one-on-one shot in every game. However, there are ways to help you stuff those one-on-one shots and give your team a momentum swing.

Bait The Shooter

You can bait a shooter at almost anytime as a goalie but the best time to do so is when it is a close one-on-one situation. This a great tactic because you force the attackman’s hand on where the best spot to shoot is. The way you execute this is that you are set up in your regular stance but you purposely expose an area of the net, hoping that the attackman sees that open area and shoots it there. Since you are baiting and prepared for it you can react quickly to make a save in that open area. There are a few options of how to bait an attacker. You can bait the shooter high by bending down in your stance lower than normal. Baiting low is the opposite of that, stand higher in your stance and be prepared to make the low save. Your bait tactic will usually depend on the height of the goalie

Cut Down All Angles

It is always a good move by a goalie to cut down the angle, especially when it is around the crease. If you decide to not cut down the angle of the shooter, you leave the shooter with too much open area in the net and endless possibilities to score. If you step out closer to the cutting attackman you eliminate a lot of the possibilities and force his hand. The most important aspect of this move is the timing of it, you don’t want to step out to the shooter too early or too late, it has to be well timed. When you time it well and step out towards him you can suffocate his shot right in front of the net.

Don’t Take the Fakes

One of the main rules you will hear as a lacrosse goalie is that on any close shot, you should not react until you definitely see the ball leave the stick. The golden rule when you are facing a close one-on-one situation is to mirror any move that attacker makes with his stick, with your stick. You have to wait through the fakes before making the save. A lot of people like going with the fake high and go low move, which is efficient. On top of mirroring the attack’s movements, you should also concentrate on their stick and the ball, nothing else about them, or you will get caught going for a fake.

Be Mindful of Checks

All goalies have different opinions on this tactic but for the most parts goalies will tell you to be successful you should not step out of the crease to check the shooter. Instead you should use your skills and above tips to save the shot instead of leaving the net open to check the shooter. Especially if it is a bigger attackman, the check might not be effective at all leaving an easy goal for them. Read the situation fully before making a check or not.

Lacrosse Tips from the Pros

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