Small-Sided Games Increases Lacrosse Skill

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Small-side lacrosse games, otherwise known as small ball, has become increasingly popular in order to help increase lacrosse skills and production amongst athletes. What a small-sided game typically consists of is a 3 vs. 3 game with either regular size sticks and goals or miniature sticks and goals. Although played with both full size and mini sticks, there are arguably more benefits to miniature lacrosse sticks and goals in small-sided games. Below is how small-side games can increase your overall production on the lacrosse field this season.

How Small Ball Improves Your Lacrosse Skills

One of the main advantages of small-side lacrosse games is that it recreates the physical and tactical parts of a full sized real game but with fewer players and smaller fields. It is a good way to develop skills and transition into full-field games. Learn more about the specific benefits below.


Maximize Touches and Stick Work

The more touches a lacrosse player gets in games or practices mean the more opportunities to improve your overall skills as a player. It also increases the participation of all of the players, which in youth lacrosse is crucial for development. If you decided to use the smaller stick, ball and net during this drill, it also makes it more challenging for you as well. The more challenging something is, especially a drill to increase skills, the more it will work and improve you as a player.


Speed of Play

The speed of play is increased during small-sided games. The fields and players are compacted into smaller areas, forcing you to almost always be on your toes and make quick decisions throughout the games. This will slow down the regular full sized game for you, especially when met with pressure situations.


Passing Ability

Games played on a smaller field with less people and smaller equipment will ultimately increase your passing ability. The smaller equipment makes it harder in general to make a better pass to your teammates, because you are aiming at a smaller target.

Decision Making

In small-sided games, there are certain things that you should focus on because small ball can help you improve these skills. One of the things you should focus on is decision making. This is sped up during small-side games, requiring you to make decisions quicker and more precisely to be successful in these games. Your ability to make the right decision quickly will be highly beneficial in competitive games, giving you an edge on the opposing team.


Reaction Ability

In small-sided games, you need to focus on your reaction ability, not only to the ball but the game itself. If a defender is coming at you or you are trying to make a defensive move, your reaction ability is key to coming away with the ball. Lastly, your reaction to receiving a pass will increase because it is coming at you from a shorter distance than you may be used to.


Pace and Orientation

Pace and orientation of the game are things you need to focus on in your small-sided lacrosse game to help you be more physically efficient. All of these skills that you will focus on in small ball will translate perfectly to a regular sized game. The pace of the game is increased because in regular-sized games, you have time to slow down the pace and set up your offense. In small-sided games, you are constantly running back and forth on offense and defense and playing on the fly.


The Best Lacrosse Drills to Improve Your Game

We hope that the tips above help you branch out and try small-sided games. Contact us today to learn more about new tips and drills you can do to further your game and visit our online shop for the best lacrosse gear around!

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