Tips to Become More Efficient at Face-Offs

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The face-off is one of the most important parts of any lacrosse game. As miniscule as it sounds a lot of the game come down to who won the lacrosse battle because more times than not it determines time of possession. College lacrosse teams are even specifically recruiting a person to be a FOGO for them, which stands for Face Off and Get Off. In order to be successful at face-offs you need to have an understanding about them, and about what works and what doesn’t. Below we provide you tips to becoming more efficient at face-offs.

Face-Off Moves

There are a few different basic face-off moves that everyone should know. They are known as the clamp, the jam and the rake.

·      The Clamp

The clamp is a simple move and probably the most common one. To execute this you quickly roll over your wrists so that the back of your head clamps down on the ball before your opponent gets to it. You then send it to your wingmen, flick it in to open space and pick it up.

·      The Jam

The next face-off move is the jam. During this move, you use your entire stick, head and shaft, to move over the ball all in order to prevent your opponent from getting to it at all. Your main goal is to prevent your opponent to get to the ball then try to rake the ball behind you into open space so a teammate can get it.

·      The Rake

Lastly, the other common face-off move is the rake. This move requires a lot of quickness and precision because the goal here is to punch the ball out from the circle and chase after it to pick up the ground ball. While these are the most common face-off moves, there are also other, more advanced ones you can use.

Face-Off Drills

With every aspect of every sport, you need to practice over and over again to become good at it. With face-offs, there are specific drills you need to do to enhance your ability. The first ability you need to work and focus on is your reaction time. First drill for reaction time has to do with your jam move. Get in the face-off position and move your stick back and forth over the ball without touching it. The next drill is back in the face-off position and just practice with a friend getting off quickly to a whistle or an alarm to improve your reaction time.

Face-Off Strategy

The main principles you need to implement into your lacrosse face-off strategy are to be disciplined, be focused, and make your moves with speed, power and precision. Another important aspect of your face-off strategy is studying and realizing what your opponent’s go-to moves are. Face-offs are an advanced physical guessing game most of the time, where you try to counter what your opponent is doing to win the possession. If you have a good understanding of what your opponent and his tendencies are, you’ll have a higher face-off percentage. You can use the clamp, jam and rake to counteract whatever your opponent is doing. If you pair this strategy with countless hours on the field practicing, you’ll become a master FOGO in no time.

Lacrosse Tips from the Pros

There is no better way to learn about the beautiful game of lacrosse than to learn from a professional lacrosse player’s perspective. At Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, we have a full team of athletes who are eager and willing to share lacrosse tips with the fans. If you want to learn from TBL, or are just interested in learning more about lacrosse, contact us today or visit our Instagram and YouTube pages to view our tips.

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