What You Need to String the Perfect Lacrosse Stick

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There is a lot of pressure for every lacrosse player when it comes to stringing the perfect lacrosse stick. This is because the smallest mistake can affect their play both during practice and games, which is obviously important. If the stick is strung wrong, it can make your game seem off. In order to string the perfect lacrosse stick, it will take a lot of memory, practice, and advice from the experts on how to do it. If you’re trying to string your lacrosse stick for the first time, use our tips below to help maximize your game!

What To Focus On

There are a few different elements of your lacrosse game you need to focus on before you string your stick. First off, you need to consider what position you are playing because that will affect how you string your stick. You must also consider the type of head you are using and what design the head is. Next, you should consider and decide on what type of mesh you would like to use. Other factors you need to focus on are all personal preferences.

What Materials You Will Need

If you are under 13, you should have an adult purchase these parts and do the harder parts of the stringing. You will need a number of different strings such as mesh, sidewall strings, top wall strings, and hockey strings. You will also need a scissor to cut your strings at the proper length and you will need a basic lighter to melt away any frayed strings.

The Elements of a Lacrosse Stick

Each part of a lacrosse stick has a different function for your game, and the way you string these parts will have a direct impact on how you perform.

·      The Whip

First is the whip, which is a term used to describe the release point of the ball. If you tighten the strings, it will create more whip, thus forcing a lower release. This type of whip is perfect for d-poles and middies.

·      The Hold

This next element of the lacrosse stick has to do with the amount of ball control your stick has. The more hold you have in your stick makes it more difficult to throw the ball, which is a good idea for defensemen. A lot of the hold of your stick has to do with what you personally prefer. Play around with it to figure out what works best with your style of play.

·      The Channel

One of the most important elements of the stick is the channel, which is the route of the ball’s release. This is used a lot by more advanced players without any shooting strings. The channel is more of a feel thing to each individual player and gets created by how you break in your stick.

·      The Depth

Another important element of one’s stick is the depth of the pocket. It is important because there are regulations on how deep your stick can be. In addition, the more depth you have in your stick lets you generate more control, whip and hold.

·      The Head

You want to make sure that the overall head you select has a good natural shape. A pocket will be created at the intersection of the wider part and narrow part of your head.

String Your Sticks With the Pros

The professionals always have the best advice when it has to come to your equipment and gear. At Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, Lyle, Miles, Jeremy, and Hiana Thompson have some of the best lacrosse advice there is. For more tips and tricks to take your game to the next level, visit our Instagram or our YouTube page today!

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