Native American Heritage Night By Lyle Thompson

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I remember talking to a high school football player at the Cherokee nation, he asked me “Do you have any advice to give me as an athlete?” I responded with one word, confidence. I did not think I would be a Division 1 athlete, but as high school went on and I became more and more confident in my game, I realized I can achieve any goal I set my mind to.

During Sundays Native American Appreciation night, we showed up earlier than usual to sign balls and talk to the kids. Speaking to these kids was a good reminder to why I play lacrosse and made me thankful for who I am. Before leaving the children to warm up, I ended my speech by saying “hopefully we can put a show on for you guys tonight.”

I knew the children would not just be watching the game, but will be watching me. Seeing how hard I play and how I play with confidence. We put on a great show, ending the game with a win, and I had one of the best games of the year. Before each game, I set a goal to be consistent and to play with confidence. I know that in in order to stay consistent my confidence needs to keep growing and the only way to build confidence is to practice. I believe if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything.



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