How to Improve Your Mobility to Increase Shot Power

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One of, if not the mot important attribute of lacrosse players of all ages is mobility. It is a major contributor to what the game of lacrosse is all about, power and speed. Not only does it increase your overall power and speed, but also more specifically it can increase your shot power and speed. Mobility is the ability to take your joints through their full range of motion, without any effect by tight muscles or connective tissue. You should be able to have enough mobility as a lacrosse player to perform all possible lacrosse skills without limitations. Below are different kinds of mobility exercises that will also help increase your shot power.

Lacrosse Ball Mobility Exercises

If you haven’t tried to use a lacrosse ball for mobility purpose, you’re missing out. It can be used in replace of a massage therapist or myofascial release. Fascia is a layer of tissue in our bodies between muscles and tissue, which can get stiff over time, especially with lack of movement. These spots can feel tight and painful, and can be alleviated by using a lacrosse ball on those spots. You can press a lacrosse ball into these spots by either laying on it or rubbing it in those areas. A lot of lacrosse players with use it to release the fascia in the back and front of their shoulders to open them up and increase shot power.

Rubber Band Mobility Exercises

These large rubber bands are some of the best tools you can use to increase your mobility for lacrosse. The best part is that you can bring these rubber bands to anything you need, off-season training, practices or games to help you warm up and increase mobility. It is best used to stretch and increase mobility in your shoulders and your legs. Your shoulders and legs are probably the two most important things for lacrosse skills, specifically your shot power and speed.

Rope Mobility Exercises

You might be thinking what is the difference between the rubber band exercises and rope exercises. The answer is that while it is very similar, the rope doesn’t have any give like the rubber band does. What a rope does is that it creates more resistance in your stretching thus improving mobility. It activates muscular contraction against any sort of resistance to facilitate muscular inhibition. This will make the muscles relax and then stretch further than possible to increase your mobility for lacrosse.

Foam Roller Exercises

While this is one of the most effective mobility tools for lacrosse players, it can also be the most painful tool. You should also keep in mind that foam rollers come in all shapes, sizes, textures and densities, so make sure you get one that fits what you want to do with it. The denser the foam roller the more effective that it will be on your muscles and for your overall mobility. If you are unaware of how to use the foam roller effectively to increase your mobility you can either way videos online or find a personal trainer locally to help show you all of the best foam rolling exercises. For lacrosse players using a foam roller consistently, particularly on your legs, can increase not only your mobility but also your speed and shot power. It can also help stretch you out and help prevent any serious injuries.

Increase Your Shot Power With The Pros

There are many ways to increase your shot power, but mobility is a great way to do so because it increases other necessary skills as well. If you want to learn other great lacrosse tips from professionals like the Thompson Brothers, check out our blog for tips for all positions. You can also check out our Instagram or YouTube for other lacrosse tips and videos as well. To learn more about Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, contact us today.

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