4 Tips for Youth Lacrosse Coaches

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Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation, as well as the oldest sport. There is so much rich history and interest in this sport, and potential to grow even more. The best way to continue to advance the sport is through youth lacrosse programs, because the future of the game is within those. In order to make sure youth lacrosse players are learning the sport the right way, they need quality coaches. Below we give youth lacrosse coaches across the nation six tips to become more effective coaches.

1) Use Your Resources

If you decide to coach any youth lacrosse team, it is a considerable time commitment that you need to be willing to make. That being said, there also are usually resources around you to help you with coaching. You should recruit other parents, former players or anyone who wants to help you coach, otherwise known as your resources. They can help you run drills, coach the team, help with hydration or nutrition and help you with substitutions in games. It never can hurt to get some help one way or another to help mold the future of lacrosse.

2) Organization is Key

Another important tip for youth lacrosse coaches is to make sure you organize everything from your practices to your pregame warm-ups down to the minute. With short attention spans in kids, you need to make sure that everything is constant and on the move at all times. You also will want to make sure that everything is done at full speed to teach them an important principle early on. Another valuable tip to teach punctuality is to run the fun part of your practice in the beginning, so that everyone will be on time and not want to miss it. Lastly, make sure you have a detailed schedule you can print out and give to everyone that is helping you coach.

3) Make Fundamentals a Focus

One of the most important things when you focus on the fundamentals with youth lacrosse is to first stress defensive skills. Younger players just want to score, pass and hit people, but you need to teach them that there is much more to the game than just that, and it all starts with defense. This also will help develop discipline and teamwork for youth players, which is a necessity. On the offensive side of the game, you want to make sure you are keeping your offense simple and teaching them valuable fundamental skills they can keep with them forever.

4) It’s About More Than Just Winning

You need to remember when dealing with youth lacrosse teams that while, yes, winning is nice and all, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. What you should focus on is developing good skills for each of your players, as well as making sure that all of them get fair playing time. Another thing you want to make sure is that all of your players have good discipline and they respect the great game of lacrosse. Lastly, you want to encourage kids to pass the ball and create ball movement because it is an important skill to have.

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