5 Ways to Improve Your Lacrosse Defensive Skills

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The most important thing you can do as a lacrosse player is to constantly evolve every part of your game. One of the most important parts of the lacrosse game is having sound defense. It doesn’t matter if you are a defender, a midfielder or an attackman, you should always look to improve defensive skills that you can use anywhere on the field. Below we give you 5 tips that you can use to improve as a defender in lacrosse.

1) Be In Better Shape Than Your Opponent

A simple way to dominate the defensive side of the ball is to outwork your opponent on and off the field to be in better shape. You also have a better chance to keep up with the offensive player you are guarding, even if you make a mistake, because you are in shape to recover. You expend more energy on offense than defense as well, so if you are already in better shape, defense should come easy to you.

2) Become a Student of the Game

Become completely invested in the game and study defensemen to improve your defensive skills. You can do this by watching high-level games, such as college and professional, and study each defender. Try to take mental notes of some things you see in those games and try to emulate those things in your game. Never stop trying to learn and always be a student of the game.

3) Improve Your Communication Skills

Probably the most overlooked aspect of becoming an efficient lacrosse defenseman is having the ability to communicate effectively. If everyone on the field is more aware of what you are doing as a defense, and what the opponent is doing as an offense, you all will be more efficient at your defensive jobs. In addition, they will have better images of the whole field in their heads as they are defending.

4) Keep Your Stick On Your Man

If you are a good defender, keeping your stick on the attacker is something you do as second nature. This is a defensive tactic to make it seem to the attacker like he or she has less room than is actually available to make a move, a pass or a shot. Also, this can be a very annoying defensive tactic, which is part of your job as a defender, to disrupt the offensive player as much as possible.

5) Go After Every Ground Ball

A ground ball is defined by whenever the ball is on the ground within the field of play, which usually means that play is getting a bit chaotic. Usually both teams are going hard after the ball and there is a lot of contact taking place. Because of this chaos, it is common for the defense to be caught way out of position if it is to win the ground ball. This is why as a defender you should always go after every ground ball, because these can completely alter the outcome of the game if you have the ground-ball advantage. The less the defense is out of position, the less of a chance that the attack can score on you.

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