Angle Whip vs. Time Whip in Lacrosse

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Nearly every lacrosse player, especially one that has experience stringing the heads of their lacrosse sticks, knows that pockets are determined by whip and hold. Whip and hold are both well known by lacrosse players, and occasionally get blamed for a pour throw or cradle because it doesn’t have enough hold or whip. If you are not an experienced stringer not everything about whip and hold will make sense to you, especially when you see reviews on forums of different sticks rating their whip and hold. One thing everyone should know is that the tightness of the channel of your lacrosse head will affect the whip and the hold. However, the whip of a lacrosse stick can be either angle whip or time whip.

Angle Whip in Lacrosse Sticks

The name angle whip derives from the angle in which the lacrosse ball leaves the stick on a pass or a shot. The higher that you string your pocket, the more angle whip you will have for your stick. This is because of the angle of your pocket will cause the lacrosse ball to leave your stick on a lower angle. The lower the pocket you decide to string on your lacrosse stick, the less angle whip your lacrosse stick will have. This is something you need to consider when stringing your stick, and something you will probably have to play around with until you find what kind of angle whip best fits your game.

Time Whip in Lacrosse Sticks

Just like angle whip is pretty self explanatory, the angle in which the ball leaves the stick, time whip is also. The term time whip comes from the amount of time it takes for your ball to fully exit the stick. Contrary to angle whip as we just talked about, if you are to have a higher pocket, the ball will then actually have less distance to roll and will leave the stick quicker. If you decided to make a lower pocket, you will have a longer time whip, because it will take the ball longer to travel out of the pocket of your stick. So with angle whip and time whip you want to figure out whether you want a stick that release the ball quickly but at a lower angle, or if you want a stick that takes longer to release, but at a higher angle.

How to Create Time Whip and Angle Whip

If you want to create more or less time whip in your lacrosse stick, it will all depend on the channel of your stick. If you want to create more time whip you should pinch the channel of your stick to create more friction to the ball, making it take longer to leave the pocket. How you create time whip is different from how you create angle whip because the channel doesn’t affect angle whip. Angle whip is created by your pocket, and how deep it is and how it shifts as you pass or shoot the ball.

How Does Hold Affect Your Lacrosse Stick?

A simple way that you can test the hold of your lacrosse stick is to tilt your stick and see how far it can be tilted until the ball rolls out of your stick. If the ball exits the stick quickly, it does not have much hold, if the ball takes longer to exit the stick, it does have high hold. Hold is very closely related to time whip and how you create the channel of your lacrosse stick.

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