The Importance of Groundballs in Lacrosse

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Goals are what determine the actual outcome of each lacrosse game, but people forget how much goes into each and every goal. Not only are there passes, hits, checks, and errors that can go into every scoring play, there is also determination and the will to finish the play. It is rare for a lacrosse player to get the ball and score completely uncontested. One small detail that is extremely important in every goal is groundballs. If your team is to consistently win the groundball battle, they will also win the games. Learning and preaching how important groundballs is in creating possession and scoring chances is vital for any lacrosse team. Below we get into specifics of why groundballs are so important in the outcome of lacrosse games.

Groundballs Create Possession

The most obvious way that groundballs are important to your team’s success is that the more groundballs you win, the more possession you will have throughout the game. Of course, this then means the more possession you have as a team, the more scoring chances you are likely to have for the duration of the game. Also, the more possession you have as a team, the less possession your opposition will have and therefore the fewer amount of scoring chances. The more groundballs you get, the more time you are on offense, the more tired their defense gets, the more scoring chances you have, which will help directly increase your win percentage.

Groundballs Can Swing Momentum

Sometimes the scrum to go after a groundball can be an exciting play in the game. The ball can bounce off a bunch of people’s sticks until it is completely secured in someone’s pocket. Because these plays can be so important and exciting during the heat of a lacrosse game, especially a close one, it can swing the momentum of the game. Also, if you want to stop a team from having momentum and going on a scoring run, don’t let them pick up the ball and get possession back to kill the run. The more groundballs you get in a row, the more momentum you will have to go on a run, or momentum you will get back to cut into a lead if you are playing from behind.

Groundballs Gives Your More Playing Time

If you become a lacrosse player who is efficient at picking up groundballs and can do it consistently for your team, you are more likely to get serious playing time. Since it is such an important part of the game, especially scoring, your coach will want you and trust you out on the field if you are good at scooping up groundballs. An advantage for lacrosse players is that groundballs do not require a lot of skill to be good at. Being able to consistently pick up groundballs requires a ton of toughness, determination and awareness. Coaches will take notice of the increase in possession and momentum in every game and decide to play you more because of how important groundballs are to the game.

Learn Lacrosse From Professionals

Groundballs is a lacrosse skill that is hard to emulate for game time scenarios, but you can prepare for it in off-season training by going after all the groundballs that you can. Although groundballs are unpredictable, they are so important to the outcome of every lacrosse game. If you want to learn how to become better at groundballs and a better lacrosse player, you should learn from the professionals at Thompson Brothers Lacrosse. Additionally, you can dress like the pros by visiting our TBL shop. To learn more about the beautiful game of lacrosse you can visit the blog section of our website, or visit our Instagram and YouTube pages today. Also, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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