5 Lacrosse Drills To Do On Your Own

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If you want to become an elite lacrosse player, you will need to be able to practice and go through drills on your own. These drills will have to be different though because you don’t have the luxury of having other people help you out with them. Drills on your own are what separate the good players from the elite players. What you will need to get started is a field, a cage, a stick, lacrosse balls and cones. Below we will tell you what drills you can do on your own with that lacrosse equipment.

Solo Lacrosse Shooting Drills

The main focus of solo lacrosse shooting drills is perfecting your shooting form with muscle memory. You should warm up for some time focusing on using both sides because you want to become well rounded. After warm up is done you can get into any of the five drills below.

●      1) Shoot The Corners

Another name for this drill is “pick the corners”, which also makes it a pretty self-explanatory drill. While it may seem like a simple drill, it is one of the most important ones you can practice. You should switch hands after each 10 shots and try to aim for the opposite corner from where you are standing. If you can pick out what corner you want to score in, you will become an elite player.

●      2) Basic Sweep Shooting Drill

For this drill, place one cone even in line with the left pipe 12 yards away, and the other cone in line with the first one, but instead 10 yards toward the sideline. For this drill, you want to sprint to the outside cone, make a split dodge, and run towards the other cone. As you pass the second cone, you are to shoot at the cage. This is the perfect drill for midfielders looking to improve game-like shots.

●      3) Quick Hitch Shooting Drill

In the quick hitch shooting drill, only one cone is required, which will be placed 10 yards from either side of the cage. How this drill works is you are to run to the cone, make a stutter step, and then continue to the goal. As you are close to the cage, pick a corner or try a bounce shot. This is another drill to emulate in-game situations.

●      4) Turning the Corner Shooting Drill

This drill is perfect for an attackmen because you are practicing eluding your defender. Put a cone to the side of the cage, run around the goal and once you pass the cone fire a shot as quickly and as accurately as you can. This is a great drill to create scoring opportunities for yourself. Make sure you practice from both sides.

●      5) Shadow Shooting Drill

Shadow shooting is the most simple of the drills, but it is arguably the most important. For this all you will need is your stick and an attention to detail. The purpose of this drill is to take dry shots without a ball to focus on the technique of your shots. Pay close attention to both your footwork and your throwing motion on each dry shot you take.

Learn Drills From Lacrosse Professionals

Solo and team drills are so important to becoming a better lacrosse player, as well as taking advantage to learn from the professionals. At Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, our athletes offer a number of resources to get better such as our camps, blog, YouTube page, or Instagram account. We can also help you dress like the pros with our wide selection in the TBL shop. Contact us today to learn more about what Thompson Brothers Lacrosse offers, or just to talk about the greatest game on earth!

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