How to Avoid Costly Penalties in Lacrosse

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Although lacrosse is a very physical game, rules are put in place to protect the players. You need to follow the rules closely, so you don’t take a penalty that can cost your team. The more time you spend in the penalty box, the more your team will be at a disadvantage. Learn below how to follow certain rules, avoid penalties and help your team.

Legal Body Checks in Lacrosse

Body checks in lacrosse are extremely common due to the physical nature of the sport. What is important, however, is to know what makes a body check legal or illegal. The first condition for a body check to be legal is the player receiving the body check needs to have the ball or be within 5 yards of it. When you initiate the contact for the body check, it needs to be from the front or the side. It also must be above the waist, but below the neck. Both of your hands must be on your stick when you make a body check as well.

Cross-Checks in Lacrosse

Cross-checks are illegal in lacrosse and will draw personal fouls. The personal foul will force your team to play a man down, which hurts your team more than one can imagine. A cross-check is any check with part of the handle of the crosse by thrusting away from your body, or holding it extended. The purpose of the cross-check rule is to protect players from being hit with an exposed metal shaft.

Tripping in Lacrosse

This is a pretty self-explanatory infraction to avoid in lacrosse. Tripping in almost any sport is illegal, as it puts the opposing player in harm’s way. In order to be flagged for tripping in lacrosse, one player must cause another player to fall over intentionally. If you fall to the ground as a natural part of the game, it is not a penalty and your team will not be flagged.

Slashing in Lacrosse

Checking with your stick in lacrosse is allowed, but only in moderation and as long as it is within the rules of lacrosse. Slashing is not allowed in lacrosse, but a poke check or a slap check is perfectly legal. If you wind up your stick and check your opponent with it, it will result in a penalty. The way to differentiate between a legal check and slashing is that slashing is defined as swinging your stick with deliberate viciousness or reckless abandon toward your opponent.

Holding Off in Lacrosse

In lacrosse, you cannot hold any part of the player or the equipment during the game. It can be holding whether it was at the ball or away from the ball. Holding is only allowed in lacrosse with a stick and when you are within three yards of a loose ball.

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