How to Maintain Your Lacrosse Pocket

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The pocket of your lacrosse stick has a huge effect on your performance in games. It is extremely important to maintain your lacrosse pocket in the proper fashion. The question of how to best maintain your lacrosse pocket is an age-old debate. If you want to be able to handle and control the ball better throughout the game, you need to learn how to maintain the pocket. Below we will give you an in-depth look of how to properly maintain the pocket of your lacrosse stick.

Material of Your Lacrosse Pocket

The first thing you need to do when learning how to maintain your pocket is to find out which material your lacrosse pocket is made from. Lacrosse pockets can be made from a number of options, including woven nylon, polyester, leather strands and cotton. When the material from your pocket gets covered in moisture from mud and dirt during games and practices, it causes your pocket to become tighter. The tighter your pocket becomes, the harder it is to control the ball, catch the ball and throw the ball. Each type of material has a different kind of response to the absorption of moisture.

Lacrosse Pocket Maintenance

Washing your pocket is the first thing you need to do after you get your lacrosse pocket dirty. To keep the pocket’s shape, after you wash it with warm water you need to put a lacrosse ball into the pocket. You then need to slide something, such as a knife, through each side of the head to keep the ball in place in the pocket while it dries. Another important part of lacrosse pocket maintenance is regular usage. If you don’t use your stick regularly, whether in practice or a game, the pocket can become tight and adversely affect your game. Lastly, you should regularly check your pocket before and after every game and practice, so that you can find any fraying or loose knots in your pocket. If you do find fraying in your pocket, you should burn off the frayed ends to keep the strings from falling apart.

Fixing Your Lacrosse Pocket

If you allow your lacrosse pocket to become loose, it will affect your game, specifically the accuracy of your passes and shots. The horizontal strings at the top of everyone’s pocket are known as your shooting strings. These strings impact the movement of your passes and your shots. In order to fix the accuracy of your passes and shots, you need to tighten these strings, though not too tight. The best way to find out if you have properly adjusted your strings is to use your stick, typically with some simple wall ball. This will allow you to know if you’re throwing the ball as accurately as you can.

Use Equipment Like Lacrosse Professionals

You need to take care of your equipment so it doesn’t affect your performance on the field. This is especially true for the pocket of your lacrosse stick because it has the biggest impact on your play, especially shot accuracy and speed. To learn how to maintain equipment and use equipment, you need to learn from professionals. Thompson Brothers Lacrosse provides you with the best equipment from our shop, as well as instructional camps and a blog to help you with everything related to lacrosse. You also can visit our Instagram and YouTube pages for more tips and videos on how to become a better lacrosse player. If you want to learn more about Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, please feel free to contact our team today!

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