Day with the Thompsons

Spend A day with Jeremy, Hiana, Miles and Lyle.

Have you ever wondered what the world’s best lacrosse players do on their average day? Have you ever wanted to visit the birthplace of lacrosse and experience the culture? Have you ever wondered how Jeremy Thompson stays in shape or how Hiana Thompson strings his sticks to shoot with pin point accuracy? Have you ever wondered how Miles Thompson perfected his BTB shot, or how Lyle Thompson broke the single season record and career record for points in the NCAA?

Now is your chance with the Day with the Thompson’s package offered by Thompson Brothers Lacrosse. Truly an extraordinary opportunity for the young lacrosse player looking to enhance their game or the avid lacrosse fan who wants to be immersed into the game.

For the lacrosse player looking to take their game to the next level they will be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the worlds’ best players. Test your skills in the birthplace of lacrosse on the Onondaga Nation, from working out, practicing and eating you will live how the Thompson’s live.

For the avid fan you will be coming to the birthplace of lacrosse. We will have you meet Iroquois wooden stick makers, Onondaga leadership and other pro lacrosse players who’ve come from Onondaga. This is a life changing experience that will allow you to feel the energy of the game from its inception!


Package includes:

-Thompson Brothers Lacrosse Apparel

– One on One world class coaching

– History of the game taught by the keepers of the game

– Private workout with Thompson Brothers Lacrosse athletes and trainer

– Life changing experience

Price: $6,250.00 USD`