The Thompson Brothers Lacrosse (TBL) frequently asked questions (FAQ) page provides information and answers to the best of the knowledge of our team.  The following questions and answers are provided for general information only.  With that being said, TBL cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused by following any instructions or use of said information.


  • How do I get Thompson Brothers Lacrosse to my area?
    • E-mail us at thompsonbrotherslacrosse@gmail.com to inquire about a camp in your area. Registration can be run via your program or through us.  If TBL is running registration, there is a 100 camper minimum.  We typically run our camps on a two-day basis.  Please contact us for more information.


  • How much is shipping on products?
    • Shipping within the U.S. is $9.99
    • Shipping to Canada is $13.99
    • Shipping overseas requires $150 minimum purchase


  • Where do I find camp information?
    • Camp information can be found on our “Camp” section of the website. Any camps that we will be hosting will be uploaded to our site once it is finalized.  We will post any camp information to our Social Media outlets as well.


  • Do you do individual/private sessions?
    • Currently we are not offering individual or private sessions. We are working on achieving this in the near future.  We will update our page when any changes are made.


  • What does “sold out” and “back ordered,” mean?
    • Sold out means that we have sold out of the product and do not plan on restocking it in the near future. That is not to say it will not be restocked at some point.
    • Back ordered means that the product is currently out of stock but we have or plan on having more products ordered. The backorder time can vary.  For more details on the order you can contact us.


  • Do you carry youth products?
    • We are currently backordered on youth products and plan on restocking them in the near future.


  • Where can I find Thompson Brothers Lacrosse on Social Media?
    • We provide links to all of our Social Media accounts on the home page. The account names are as follows:
      • Facebook – Thompson Brothers Lacrosse
      • Instagram – thompsonbrotherslacrosse
      • Twitter – ThompsonBrosLax
      • YouTube – Thompson Brothers Lacrosse