Elysian bats are competively priced and made in the USA.

Elysian is located in Texas and making professional quality wooden bats that are among the best available on the market. Each individual ASH and HARD MAPLE wood billet goes through a rigorous inspection.

They are hand selected and closely scrutinized to ensure that your Elysian is excellent in both quality and craftsmanship, custom made from the best lumber available.

Our wood billets come from the western parts of Pennsylvania and New York and are vacuum RF (radio frequency) kiln-dried with a moisture content of 6%-8%. If you’re a high school or college player, or play in wood bat leagues or tournaments, and you’re looking to take your game to the next level, then look no further. Elysian Bats are made with you in mind.

Although alloy and composite softball bats tend to provide greater distances to balls hit than their wooden counterparts, they’re able to do so because of larger “sweet spots” that unfortunately hide poor hitting mechanics a player may have.

When a batter uses an aluminum or composite variety, it’s often very difficult to discern how much a given hit is produced by bat technology and how much of the hit was the result of hitting the ball solidly. A truism in baseball and softball is if you want to see how good a hitter is watch him swing wood.

The best hitters hit with wood.

There’s a lot of information on their website about the many advantages wood bats offer players at all levels. If you’re a player who prefers hearing the resilient pop of natural hard wood to soft metal percussion pings, you’re also probably someone who has deep respect and appreciation for America’s Pastime. You take baseball seriously.

If you’re interested in purchasing a wood bat, look no further. You’ve come to the right place. Our bats are competively priced. At Elysian Fields Bat Company we’re interested in helping you become a better hitter by putting one of the best wood bats available in your hands.

Let us customize your next bat; so that the next time you walk on to the field

you swing Elysian.