BBCOR You Swing with PURPOSE

Every time you address the plate–be it in a game or in practice–you should know why you have chosen the bat your swinging. Unlike many alloy and composite bats that are mass produced and vary only in size and material composition, Elysian Fields Bat Company provides several models to choose from, each designed with a different purpose in mind. Select a bat that maximizes your strengths at the plate.

What size bat are you most comfortable swinging? Do you like heavy barrels or lighter barrels? Thinner handles or thicker? Do you prefer a knob at the bottom of the bat that is conventional, small and tapered, or bell shaped. Are you a power hitter? Or is your specialty at the plate making solid contact and producing line-drives? Do you need a bat for game play, or do you need a bat to take the daily abuse of batting practice? Whatever the situation, you should address the plate with purpose.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

There is no better way to become a skilled hitter without persistent practice, and there is no better way to practice baseball than with a bbcor bat drop 3. Starting young players out with bbcor teaches them instinctively to find the sweet spot of the bat. Many alloy and composite bats are specifically designed to help reduce the sting of a poorly hit ball. This compensation only reinforces bad hand-eye coordination and encourages young players to be content with a weakly hit ball off of a $300+ top-of-the-line composite.

Let’s face it, poor contact off of a composite often results in a base hit, but the same type of contact made with a bbcor bat will most likely produce an easily fielded out. From little league through college, composite and alloy bats are used almost exclusively. This phenomenon will not change any time soon. bbcor baseball leagues and tournaments are becoming more popular, however, because they showcase the talent of better hitters, those who know how to find the sweet spot of the bat instinctively. College and professional scouts often attend marquis bbcor bat tournaments to gauge a prospect’s hitting ability with bbcor. bbcor separates the best hitters from those who are average. The best hitters practice with bbcor, and play (around) with composite.


bbcor bats teach players to develop good vision and greater discernment in selecting good pitches to drive into play. Non-bbcor bats do not help players really get a “feel” for the strike zone. Their barrels tend to be larger allowing batters to swing to an area of the plate rather than locating the ball with acute hand-eye coordination. Balls hit off the handle and those hit off the end of the bat do not produce the hardest hits.

A bbcor bat encourages patience at the plate. Players begin to learn to wait for good pitches where solid contact can be made, while at the same time learning to avoid “sucker pitches” just outside the strike zone. By practicing and playing with bbcor bats, batters also develop keen intuition that comes only through relying on the feel of the bat during contact.

If you want to become a better hitter, it really comes down to only one question:


If your answer is yes, then we invite you to . . .